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Razer Kraken Kitty

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Hello everyone, welcome to this blog where I am gonna review The Razer Kraken Kitty Edition Headset, I am so happy to announce that this blog is in collaboration with Felini Shop A website on which you can find a lot of cute products (pillows, cups, headset) You can find products for your home, or clothes both for males and females Also,

they share some of their profits with charities that help save the big cats from going extinct and they also plant a tree for every order and with my coupon code ANYASAMA10 you will get 10% off on any of their products and with the coupon code ANYASAMAKITTY you will get $20 off on the Razer Kraken Kitty Headset What else can you wish for? As you can see, I choose the Quartz color, as I already have the Razer Stand in Quartz But there’s also the black model,

so you can choose the black or the pink model as you know, I am building a new gaming station with all the components, And I think this colour match with all the other components. You will see them soon, I promise! As first impression, looking them from the box, I already love them the only difference I see from all the other Razer products is that this box is transparent as you can see from here or here, the boxes are not transparent, it’s not a big deal The only thing is that I collect everything,

and I won’t be able to show this box as it will look empty without the headset With the headset you will have 2 year warranty with Razer And if you buy from Felini Shops, you will have 1 year warranty with them This means that if your product breaks (during normal use) they will send you a replacement You are also covered from lost or damaged orders Last but not least, returns can be made up to 60 days after receiving your order As long as they’re unused and in their original packaging And now,

the moment you were waiting for, let’s open it! Use some safety scissors, I have used these oranges ones as I didn’t have others and let’s open it Actually you don’t need them, you just need to peel this First impression: it smells like plastic Let me show you what’s in the box We have the instructions, a letter from the CEO and the famous sticker with the Razer logo know you’re not interested in this, so let’s see the headset!

Let’s start removing the cables needed for the cables managements some reviews I saw some guys cutting these cables and I was so mad about it! It should be easy to take them out now here they are! I won’t throw those cables as I will use them for cables management Here, they are It almost feels like leather, it is not, but the quality is great Look what we have! ASMR while peeling these One! And two! I love them!

Acer nitro monitor – Acer nitro xv3 xv273k

The cushions are very soft I read that these cushions have cooling-gel that reduces heat build-up during intense gaming sessions, so perfect for me! Speaking of which, they also have the Stream Reactive Lighting Meaning that you can personalize which colours and effects are triggered on the headset that responds to your viewers emotes, alerts, shout outs and more Here we have the microphone with active noise-canceling,

we will test it shortly Here we have the volume and the button for enable and disable the THX Spatial Audio THX Spatial Audio is a feature for gamers which adds software level tweaks to your audio to add a realistic and immersive 360-degree audio-scape for example if you’re playing Warzone and don’t understand where the noises are coming from You will be able to understand that,

with this feature It happened to me while playing that I didn’t know where they were shooting me from, but it was easy with the THX Spatial Audio Let’s see how the fit They’re so beautiful! Of course, you can choose how wide or narrow you want them on your head The end is near Are you interested too? Do you want them? Don’t do that. Do you wanna try them on? You need to be a good girl. Let me see how they fit you. Sweaty, do you like them? Ok, Kira approves. Come here.

let them see how beautiful you are No, not this! Kira! Be a good girl, I will give them to you later Of course I will not Ok, Kira approved They are very light and comfy. Shall we connect them to the computer, so we see the lights on? By the way, the cable is quite long It has the USB. Are you ready? 3, 2, 1! There’s a lot of light in the room, so unfortunately you cannot see them clearly It will now install any updates, and, after that, we will see the lights and the effects This audio is coming from the headset mic. How don’t know how’s the quality,

I will check at the end of the video I had to listen to myself, and I have to say that the quality of this microphone is great It is very clean, even though it seems I have a very bad cold. I am sure I need to change the settings to avoid this Ok I am now using my usual microphone, let me show you know how to use the Razer warranty Go on the Razer website and on the top right corner click on “My Account “Click on “View Razer ID Profile”, you will see all your credentials and you will have to click on “Warranty “As you can see I already have some registered products.

You need to click on “Register New Product “Here you will need to put all the codes of the product that you can find on the box Insert Place and Date of Purchase. In the Step 2 you will need to put your address and in the Step 3 you will need to confirm everything. That’s it! Once you registered your product, you will be able to use your warranty for syncing all the Razer products, you will need Razer Synapse You can do a lot of things with this app as you can see,

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I have 4 products that I want to sync, and you can do it in Chroma Studio You can see that the effect I want is the “Wave “You chose the colours, the width and the angle Then move the products where you want Save and you can see that the lights are now synced You can see better here that the colours change. I choose light colours, but of course you will see dark colours better I think that’s it.

I will focus on the streaming feature in another video Thank you again Felini Shop for this beautiful gift! Please visit their website as there are a lot of cute things! Check the description box to find the link to the website and to use my discount code to get $/£ off on their products! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments and I will be happy to help! Thank you so much for keeping me company in this video! We will see each other in my next video review, bye guys!

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