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Today we have a Logitech G Pro keyboard and this keyboard costs 120 $ So, Let’s open the box now this is the same keyboard that is used by Shroud.

If you don’t know about Shroud, you are not a gamer This is our box of Logitech G Pro blacker box One black keyboard, One black cable. Everything is black These are some manuals and Logitech stickers. This is our beautiful and sturdy keyboard Talking about the build, this comes in a 10-key less layout. And talking about the build quality, it is really sturdy the plastic quality is just amazing.

It feels like an expensive keyboard The weight of this keyboard is 981 grams which is almost equal 1 Kg If you hit someone with this, he will be injured. On the backside, we get micro-USB jack and there are 2 hooks around the micro-USB So, there is no chance of breakage if we connect this to the keyboard and below, there are 5 plastic grip pads, so it doesn’t slip after keeping and here, we get 2 levels of elevation.

Firstly, for 4 degree and then 8 degrees elevation And I haven’t measured these angles, it is mentioned on the box and its wire length is 1.8 meters. We don’t get a braided cable in this, but you get a rubber wire of great quality as this is a gaming keyboard, So, definitely it is a mechanical keyboard as this is mechanical, so it has keys.

In this, we get GX blue clicky switches and Logitech has specifically mentioned clicky and it has very tactile feedback Let me share my experience with switches because this is the first expensive keyboard, I have tried Otemu till now because they come in budget. I found some difference while using Its key register and typing experience definitely feels that you are using an expensive keyboard Talking about switches, let’s hear the sound and as we are talking about the switches and this is expensive as well, so are the keys Hot swappable? This is not hot-swappable because this is the G pro model.

There is a Logitech G Pro model in this in that, you get swappable keys. You can change them to blue, Red, etc whenever we talk about a gaming gadget or gaming peripheral, only one thing comes in mind i.e., lights, RGB So, let me tell you about the RGB of this keyboard. I have seen the best RGB till now, in this keyboard Because there is no leakage in the keys. In leaking, lights flow in the middle of the keys in this, the lights are visible only on the keys. And Logitech G Pro looks very premium and refined and as it has lights and this is an expensive keyboard, it has customizations as well.

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What do customizations mean? Software support Here we get Logitech G Pro Hub software, and you can download this from their website here my mouse and keyboard both are being displayed. Let’s open the keyboard and here are some presets of lights like fixed cycles, Color wave, etc. And after that you get the free style, which is the per key RGB option Here,

You can see there is already a free style adhere we can also us add custom new freestyle Like we have chosen red color and the complete keyboard has turned Red And we can also customize different colors for different keys using the color brush like I have done green, Red and Blue So, you can see the entire keyboard is customized. And the same lighting is there in the keyboard as well After that we have the option for animation sand here, we get contras tic options, etc

and here are different options for animation sand here are different animation effects the same are present in the Logitech G Pro as well. And the Logitech logo also has lights and here you get assignments, you can set different commands to different keys You can add custom actions on different keys, Application actions. Rest, one gets to know about this after using Then comes the game mode and this is really good. We get a button for game mode After enabling this,

you can decide which keys should work and which You shouldn’t see in the game mode, The Windows key and the right click are disabled So, that Logitech G Pro doesn’t disturb while gaming and you can turn off the other keys from here. Suppose you just have to use W, A, S, you want to turn off E and reload with Rand you also need to use shift You can turn off/on all the buttons which you want to.

You can set this profile in the game mode as you saw, there are a lot of options in the software. Now, comes the gaming experience for which you are buying it because this is a gaming keyboard and Logitech G Pro will definitely perform good for normal usage So, I have been using Logitech G Pro for the past 15 days. I have played Valor ant on this Talking about the ergonomics, there was no issue with that, and the comfort of the keyboard is quite good So, buying an expensive keyboard won’t make you shroud.

In that, you will get the sturdiness and premium feel because the key stabilization, tactile feedback, key registration is amazing, but Logitech G Pro is not like you will start to get 20 kills instead of 10. This is necessary to keep in mind Talking about the conclusion, if you have this budget, Logitech is a premium gaming peripheral brand You can definitely consider them. The durability, long term usage, everything is good We have that much trust on Logitech Rest,

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