SteelSeries arctis 5 2019 edition

Hi, this is the unboxing for the SteelSeries arctis 5 2019 edition headset. So, I was able to purchase this again outside the Philippines because there was this sale, and the quantity did not show. It’s still unavailable. So, I was forced to select a preferred seller and fortunately it arrived safely. Okay here’s the box, it’s very authentic. There are two versions of this, the first one and then the SteelSeries arctis 5 2019 edition, because for the SteelSeries arctis 5 2019 edition they added the DTS Headphone’s v2.0,

means that the quality of the sound would look or rather sound more realistic and then inside that, there’s another box. Here, “Rise Up” and then this one slide out. This is where it’s placed. It’s very tough and sturdy Designed for export or import. So inside that you have the manual. Also, there’s a like a greeting card of sort and then here’s a3.5 jack for your cell phone or console and then this is the headset. This is the amount piece, it’s retractable. You can pullout or in. Let me just show you some of the components.

So, this manual, later I’ll provide youth sites where I got these images, so this is the manual same as what’ sin side the one inside the box. Here are the parts so this middle, the number five, that’s the Chat Mix dial so the way they explain this is that, so you have the game program open and then you have another VoIP program open, by default you should select the Arctis 5 as the default audio and then the Chat Mix audio is on ready or standby, that’s for Windows,

so once the two programs are open and then you decided to chat using the VoIP program, you can just turn the dial to the right for it to prioritize chat and then dial it to the left to prioritize gaming audio, so it’s like they made this to work at the same time. You don’t need to close the game. Okay other main parts here are the well there’s the mute button, volume control and the main cable jack which is this one, here and then there’s this Headphone Share Jack which is,

this one, so they can insert another headset for them to hear your game or what you’re listening to. Okay so those are the main parts. I’ve already tested this in my computer, so you need to use the USB the cable for the Chat Mix and then automatically the ear, this round part will illuminate, the RGB, there are ways to custom it and then in the PS4 I tested it using this one, but according to them the USB will also work with the PS4but I’m not,

I haven’t tried it yet maybe after a few days just to be sure. Okay so those are the parts. Next image here, this is the list of the prism effects or they call it Prism Sync. These are the compatible devices that will work at the same time. So what i had in mind is that I just want to purchase that is less expensive as long as all of them are in sync, that would make sense. Surprisingly for Steel series even the mouser the mice can really cost more than2000 pesos and for the mouse pad around 1000 pesos.

That’s their technology, well there are other brands that already have this also but since I have Steel series so I need to stick to these four. I was just thinking why they don’t have yet the, or a monitor that could sync with these four devices maybe in the future. Okay so this image now, this is like a screenshot of the Arctis 5 program. So you need to install this after you insert the USB cable and connect it to the headset.

You need to install this for you to experience the 7.1 Surround. This 7.1 Surround is not available if you’re going to use the jack, the 3.5 mm. Other options here are some of the basic calibrations or enhancements just like other headsets. One main feature is the noise reduction, so it’s on medium settings right now. They boast that the Steel series headsets have the top-notch or rated noise cancellation.

So you can just tweak some of these menus here once you’ve purchased it just to experiment and create your own presets okay. So that’s just it, the unboxing for the Steel series I’m going to test it on gaming. I haven’t really recorded any game using this audio and mic together. I will try that in a few days but for now it’s just unboxing and just a short review about this. It’s really worth your money you can just doing some research okay.

Good quality headsets really cost around 5000 pesos if you’re going to spend 10,000pesos, that’s for the pro but my main objective is to just get a 7.1and a good noise cancellation feature and this is what I got.

This brand is always in the top five of the best headsets used for gaming and then what’s funny is that after I received this Steel series release the Arctis 9 for PS5but we’ll see the features and reviews that others show but for me I would recommend this because it’s somehow in between the quality and the cost that you would need for gaming and streaming.

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