huion kamvas 13 review

huion kamvas 13

hi guys welcome to blog4dating so today I’m going to review the huion kamvas 13 display tablet so I’m going to review. these and I’m going to  install the driver to my computer and also will be going to troubleshoot  any problems that you are facing during the driver installation so let’s get started  so this is the huion 13 kamvas display tablet so by the look of. it I like the bigger screen  size because this uh display tablet is about 13.3 inch in display and also it feels  quite comfortable to hold and also the edges are quite round.

huion kamvas 13

which I personally prefer so here at  the top left corner you have the power buttons and some other buttons. which you can assign different  tools and also we have like up and down buttons as well speaking of the cable we have this three in  one cable which consists of hdmi and usb and this red color cable is a usb for power so this is the  pen that I got so as you can see inside this pen holder

we have some extra names as well the pen is quite similar to the other huion tablet pens and huion kamvas 13 has a proper grip with a kind of a bigger  rubber grip as well so there are three different color options we can select  one is Cosmo black which is this one and there’s a midnight green and violet purple  as well let me connect this to the computer and see how the huion kamvas 13 looks like so first I will go to huion kamvas 13 driver so.

 I’ll Google it and I’m going to the their website  so here I have the canvas 13 as the model and now I’m selecting the product model  so you scroll down and I’m going to select the kamvas 13 here and as always I’m selecting  windows and the category is driver so I’m going to submit it so once you submit it will redirect  us to this product model and the driver version so here we have the date of release and I’m going  to download the latest released driver so now my driver has been downloaded.

huion kamvas 13

after that i am getting  this welcome to ryon tablet uh interface and then i tick i agree button and I’m going to install now  so good try huion kamvas 13 now as well okay now it’s been installed and here is the campus 13  driver interface and we have the name at the bottom like this and  um going to the working area you can see the there are two working areas one is and one is  they’re showing the computer screen and the other one is the template screen so I’m moving  

the working area to the tablet screen like this and also you can go ahead and rotate and  do the monitor calibration but I’m okay with this setting up and I’m moving on to the digital  pen so uh in the digital pen it’s automatically enabled the windows ink and also you can assign whatever the keys that you like to these uh buttons in the pen

itself and then we can go and  see the pressure sensitivity adjustments so here um you can see that there’s a pressure sensitivity  adjustment chart and also the pressure test so you can go to the above card and see my pressure  sensitivity video and get an idea about how to do the question sensitivity in the new tablet  now we are going to the pen display again and going to the press key so in this option you can  assign whatever

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the keys that you are using uh to the pen display buttons so it’s going to be  real easy when i want to assign the keys to these buttons because it’s easy while you’re drawing  so it’s automatically assigned some of the keys here but if you click on one button you can see  how the keyboard keys and mouse keys or whatever the keystrokes that you can enter comes into  

this interface so you can go and click on the key shortcut key that you want to assign and select it  so during the first setup of the drive installation it actually didn’t work so uh I was  managed to find out what happened so let me show you that so now uh here I’m going to the digital  pen and as I explained before this pressure sensitivity adjustment and the pressure test  so when you draw this special test you can see that this bar at the right side  is uh working properly that the bar is setting up but previously

huion kamvas 13 didn’t work like that  so if it doesn’t work for you as well what you have to do is go to this setting option  go to the diagnose so when you go to the diagnose there will be an interface like  this which when you draw you can see that the pressure is showing at the different percentages  so that means the pressure sensitivity is working but there is a problem with the drive installations if that happens you have to uninstall the driver and reinstall it

  to make huion kamvas 13 work so now everything is set up in huion kamvas 13 so let’s go to krita  my favorite drawing app and see it works for the krita as well  so I’m going to open krita and see how it works so. I’m going to go for a new file and okay so here. I’m going to select the usual brush that I’m using and I’m going to draw it like  this so here you can see the pressure sensitivity is working if i increase the brush size will be more visible like this everything is set up and I’m so excited to use this and try new drawings using krita and using  huion kamvas 13

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