How to Stop Overthinking After Being Cheated On

How to Stop Overthinking After Being Cheated On

to day in this blog we talk about How to Stop Overthinking After Being Cheated On Some people experience betrayal in relationships. Betrayal causes a lot of pain and hurt within. We give up on life. We are unable to trust, let alone forgive. But let’s discuss the reasons, why someone cheats on us. There could be many reasons, but what we often observe is that the current relationship itself is not strong.

How to Stop Overthinking After Being Cheated On

There are conflicts and arguments everyday or differences in opinion, to the extent that it starts affecting the relationship. This means that the relationship gradually starts getting fractured and a lot of distance is created. You may be living under one roof, but may not talk to each other, unless necessary. At times, people do not talk for days.

This creates emptiness or a void within, which we do not know how to fill. So subconsciously, we look for someone outside to fill this void. For example – Some people become workaholics. They seek happiness from their work. Their achievements, recognition and awards make them feel good about themselves and they get addicted to this. Some become alcoholics. As long as they consume a substance, they feel good and it helps them forget their pain for a while.

By consuming a substance, they cut themselves off from reality and they get addicted to the substance. There is also a third possibility, when we are empty inside, we could meet someone who appreciates us, respects us, loves us and sees our qualities. Eventually, everyone wants to be loved. Everyone wants to be respected and accepted. And when we start getting acceptance from someone, we start getting attracted towards them.

How to Stop Overthinking After Being Cheated On

This is such a slow process that we do not realize that we are getting drawn to them. Where there is acceptance and respect, we are drawn towards it. We start spending more time with them. We like to talk to them. We keep thinking about them. Because we receive love and respect from them. So one reason, for an estranged relationship is that there was already a lot of distance and to fill that void, the other person moved away.

How to Stop Overthinking After Being Cheated On Now, instead of focusing on what’s right or wrong, it’s better to think whether they are in pain or are empty within. And if I am on the receiving end i.e. if someone has betrayed me, then what’s important for me is to think about my action. Most times, we create a lot of hurt because of what they did to us. But whatever they did was their choice.

Be it right or wrong – it’s their karma. We cannot control their actions. So we need to shift our focus within. If someone does something, which is not right to us then to get hurt or not, is our choice. No one can hurt me, unless I allow them to. They might do anything, but they cannot enter my mind and create hurt within me. Only I can hurt myself, when I continuously think – “Why did this happen to me?, Why did my partner betray me?, I can never forgive them, I can never trust them again, How could they do this?….” We keep repeating these thoughts.

How to Stop Overthinking After Being Cheated On ? We think that it’s natural to get angry and hurt in this situation. But we do not realize that this hatred and anger is depleting us, not them. Our negative energy will only make them go further away from us and closer to the other person. They will get pulled towards any source of positivity outside. Because we are only radiating negativity to them. So, they will get drawn to the energy of respect and love that they get outside. Our hatred, anger and vengeance, empties us first. It creates suffering for us. It’s as if, we drink poison every day and expect the other to die.

This means we are creating negative energy and we expect it to hurt the other person. No, only I will get hurt by doing this. Hence I need to stop and ask – Why am I hurting myself? They are not in my control, but my happiness is. Why am I disrespecting myself by thinking negatively? Someone wronged me, but why am I doing wrong to myself by continuously thinking negatively? This is not only depleting my mind and body, but also my relationship with everyone else, as I become bitter and revengeful within.

How to Stop Overthinking After Being Cheated On My negative vibrations and energy will radiate to others, whether they are my kids or in-laws. So, first of all, I need to heal myself by creating a positive relationship with myself. Adopt spiritual practices to heal myself. And then, take a decision for my life, whether I want to continue in this relationship or not. Sometimes, deep inside we want to stay with them, because of our priorities. Our kids and families are involved, so separating is difficult because a lot of people will get impacted by this decision.

In that case, I need to work on my relationship and it needs a lot of effort on a daily basis. When we decide to heal ourselves, we move out of pain. Our vibrations become positive. And when we start radiating love, respect and good wishes for others, they are drawn to us. No matter, how far they have gone; they will come back to us. Because they will realize their mistake. We have seen many examples where couples who were on the verge of a divorce spring back from it, because one person decided to work on themselves.

If one person realizes the value of that relationship, value of their kids and families who are involved then they will put efforts to build that relationship. And the only thing one has to do is to thinks positively about the other person. Stop doubting them. When we are in pain, we also start doubting them For example – “Where are they now?, With whom are they with?, I will never be able to forgive them.”This negative energy of anger, hurt and revenge will not allow us to re-build our relationship.

In order to do that, we need to first trust and forgive them. By forgiving them, we do not oblige them, but oblige ourselves because if we keep doubting them and thinking wrong, it will only deplete our energy. If we hold on to the past, it will weaken our mind. So I have to release myself from this pain, by letting go of these negative thoughts. I have to make my karma right, by playing my part accurately.

So, it’s my choice, whether I want to separate or put efforts in that relationship. In order to build a beautiful relationship, I first need to heal myself. as soon as I am healed, my vibrations become positive and others come closer to me. So, if someone has betrayed us, let us not create hurt but heal ourselves and make efforts to heal that relationship.

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