Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

An Emotionally Healthy Spirituality was opening up two major discipleship spiritual formation themes, these are essential if we are to grow into men and women in Christ that God intended. Spiritual maturity is inseparable, it is not possible to be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature, it is beyond understanding what it means that we are created in the image of God,

the various aspects and components of that image All that are broken all need to be changed by Jesus We are physical beings, social beings, intellectual beings, spiritual and emotional beings and discipleship in Christ has to address all these areas and for many reasons we have overlooked the emotional component.

But what we are saying here is that your feelings are an important part of who you are and so can be addressed as our discipleship in Christ, as well as a truly God-loving God. about making love Is your heart gives the soul and strength to the mind from which we love others and so the second topic we will open to emotionally healthy spirituality which is related to contemplative spirituality or only with God and this is really Mary and Takes out of Martha’s story which is found in Luke chapter 10.

As you read that Jesus and his disciples were on the way, he came to a village where a woman named Martha had opened her house for him, he had a sister Mary who was sitting at the Lord’s feet, which he said But Martha was distracted by all the preparations.

She came to him and asked god do you not care that my sister left me to work alone ask her to help me Martha lord answered you are worried and about many things are upset but the only thing needed is Mary has chosen what is better and it will not be taken away from her and she will notice here Mary is sitting at the feet of Jesus in this passage she is hearing that she is with Jesus, she is sitting by his leg Martha and the other arm is active she is working for Jesus.

she is worried but she is missing him she is busy she is distracted and so what to call it Mary contemplating living with Jesus While Martha is active Our tradition is rich in our churches We are active We lead people to Christway’ We read scriptures about spiritual gifts but we are incredibly active Where we are weak,

we let it rest Say no to the lack of time or lack of time for reflection to calm down and sit still at his feet like Mary before God And it doesn’t really affect only our own spiritual life that is the way we build community and so as you will see in this diagram our lives are out of balance for many of us, we have Everything we are doing in life has this great cycle of activity at one end.

Got the small circle for the idea of ​​being with god and they are out of balance and so you will see that arrow that says your life is on the bottom because it’s twisted because i don’t have enough time to be with god Is for God to sustain

what I am doing in a life of activity and so what we are trying to do in emotionally healthy spirituality is to balance these two circles so that the chakra for activity and Jesus For the contemplation of living with the chakra balance becomes off and so we have found the right time to maintain our work for the Lord with the Lord and so thus the arrow of our life is straight.

Things are inappropriate balance, but when If these two don’t happen then we end up like Saul in the Old Testament If you remember King Saul from the outside he looked good, he was anointed but he was gifted he was emotionally unwell, Both his emotional life and his spiritual life were disorganized, he was not reflective, more self-aware, feeling Physically didn’t know how to fear and seek people’s approval nor did he develop his personal relationship with God,

he had further knowledge of God, but there wasn’t that many In hearts he was very different from David, who was wicked in the Psalms for example, he experienced a full range of emotional feelings, yet he was passionate. David was the heart behind A God so there are eight principles – Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and there are eight sessions which are broken down as follows Session 1 The Problem of Emotionally Unhealthy Spirituality Sessions to Know Yourself That You May Know God Session

Three The Wall Sessions Five to Proceed to the Journey Through the Big Salt Or Grief and Loss sessions six explore the rhythm of the daily office and Sabbath sessions develop into an emotionally mature adult and session eight take the next step in developing the Law of Life, now each of these topics is very is big and d so our goal is to remember that during this eight- week all church initiatives it that you begin the journey in emotionally healthy spirituality, it will take a lifetime to complete it if at the end of your time you

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